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Attention City Dwellers, "provisions," maintianing more than your day to day supply is critical.  In any event, you will likely not be allowed to leave your home to venture out for resupply, what you have on hand is what you will have to sustain you and loved ones.  Example, 2015' snow storm in NY, if you were on the sidewalks or streets you were arrested any citizens present, imapaired snow removal efforts.  This went on for a week!  In a catastrophic event it will likely be months.  Guide yourself accordingly, see the president's statement on the net making clear citizens must do their part to have necessary provisions and water for their families.  See  Water and electricity are the first to go.  Why are our products timely and innovative urban provisions?  Our whole food protein staple, bacon, is fully hydrated, ready to eat right from the PAK or warm and serve.

A FEMA approved food.        A Title 22 Approved "WET" food reserve.

Frederic Remington® Brand Shelf Stable Bacon arrives at your door in exclusive proprietary NASA PAK© Technology, stores no refrigeration required Up to 10 years in your Pantry! Enjoy it 45 + days after opening. Simply return unused portion to its protective Pak© as many times as you like, fold over open and clamp. Place Pak© back in cupboard or Pantry!  Get some, use some, store some...awesome!  No traffic, no parking, no lines no hassles! 100% Made in America!

"Might As well Have The Best©"

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