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We added a Pak! 400 Fully Cooked, Ready to Eat Bacon Slices, in our NEW 5-pack HRI case. Each individual pack contains 80 slices of our THICK CENTER CUT expertly prepared bacon.

Frederic Remington® FR® Gourmet. SHIPS FREE!


FULLY COOKED BACON                        HRI                          READY TO EAT or WARM and SERVE
Thickest Meatiest Fully Cooked Center Cut Bacon in the Industry, 200% thicker, and meatier, than any other American brand-Period!  An Industry Exclusive.  Extended Shelf Stability.  Produced for Fine Dining Establishments, Five Star Hoteliers, Luxury Cruise Lines, Premium Airlines.  If its high end HRI, FR®Gourmet is there !


Title 22 Compliant “Wet” RTE Whole Food Reserves Sheltered 

Packaged in Our Exclusive and Proprietary BPA-Free, Extended Shelf Life, NASA PAK©. Natick Certified protective covering and FCB-RTE bacon. CIV DLA Troop Support, Smoke Jumper Catering, Wildland Fire Catering, Engine Companies, First Responders, and Civilian Defense Sheltered Reserves.  Warranty 36 Months.  Keep Below 85F Degrees. Not For Retail Sale.

NEW 5-Pack HRI Case, (400) Slices Fully Cooked, Ready to Eat Slices

  • FULLY COOKED and READY to EAT - Right from the package or Warm and Serve.   FR® Gourmet bacon is completely Hormone Free, Gluten Free and sealed in our exclusive and proprietary BPA-free NASA PAK© protective covering.  Our, State of the Art Packaging provides unprecedented extended shelf life. You are buying world-class 100% Made in USA HRI quality. From our exclusive and proprietary Natick Certified protective covering, to our 200% thicker and meatier than any other American brand "center cut" "center of the plate" Fully Cooked RTE bacon.  FR® Gourmet - First in No Compromise Innovative Solutions

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